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“The man who stands upon his own soil, who feels, by the laws of the land in which he lives,--by the laws of civilized nations,--he is the rightful and exclusive owner of the land which he tills, is, by the constitution of our nature, under a wholesome influence, not easily imbibed from any other source.”

~ Edward Everett

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Mike, Norwalk

The occupying statist theocracy infesting this land is not a civilized nation and, does not recognize law or allodial ownership. The State of Nature has been usurped and all but extinguished by the despot's unwholesome force.

Robken, Anytown

Good Mike... Though I still like the Indian way with regards to ownership of land - there was none.

Mike, Norwalk

Robken, me too - with a small clarification as concerns area; that those that lived a nomadic life styles did so with very territorial mind sets in a perfected custodial relationship (a very close kin to ownership - the family's ranch / farm / house); also, private space was held sacred (an administrative equivalent to ownership).

Robken, Anytown

Mike, yes, you are quite right - there was no formal agreement - most were based on the virtue of respect - it was also a two fold ownership, one of a very large territory, and secondly, one of immediate ownership, which once vacated was ready for the next occupant. It was the large territory that was sacred, i.e., a sovereign state. Within the sovereign state property didn't exist.


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