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“Stop wasting jail space on prostitutes, drug users and other victimless criminals. Even if we find it morally acceptable to imprison these people for choices they make regarding their bodies, we must realize that we simply cannot afford to continue clogging the court system and the prison system with these harmless criminals.”

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J. B. Wulff, Bristol, CT

Sounds like a Libertarian to me, and that's a good thing! It is strange that we have no dates for this man or his thought. It doesn't change anything, it's just strange. This is part and parcel of the objections to the "nanny state." I tend to believe that the persecution of these "crimes" distracts the masses from the bigger bad things that our Congress inflicts on us every day. The Emperor has clothes on, you better believe it!

tony merrill, newport,r.i.

Sounds like a lot of liberal crap to me!!!!!!!!

Mike, Norwalk

Victimless crimes only exist in society's where individuals have rejected the laws of nature and of nature's God; and, have accepted a third party dictator as their lord, king and law giver (an anti-representative republic for example). What constitutes harm done (a crime) in a domain of justice means, their must be an immediate willing perpetrator and a resulting unwilling injured party. Affordability and certain non-victim acts are only signs of a declining civilization not the root cause of, or reason for elimination of victimless crimes; - victimless crimes are crimes in and of themselves. Correction of immoral or self depreciating acts are found in an understanding concerning the nobility of life, what are in truth natural laws and justice, education and other Christ like realizations of self, not in the criminal justice system.

jim k, Austin,Tx

A good start would be to cancel this so called War on Drugs and get rid of the DEA. Nixon created the DEA in 1970 and we now spend between 70 and 100 million a year and it only makes matters worse. Check out LEAP.cc and see why.

J Carlton, Calgary

These laws have nothing to do with justice anyway.

Gary Wells, Trenton, Ontario

But where would they find the next bogey man?

Jon Martin
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    Jon Martin    1/4/11

    Drugs may be a personal choice and Quote "harrmless" but when they steal my TV to pay for them, then it becomes a crime,

    J Carlton, Calgary

    Jon, that's when you should be able to defend your property under law. If you do, then the Darwin Theory will kick in and pretty soon the crime rate will be almost nil.

    Mike, Norwalk

    Jon, you are absolutely right. Your crime of theft should be investigated and prosecuted. One problem with the society that accepts victimless crimes is, the real crimes don't get the attention they should while, the easy revenueing and dictatorial controls of the tyrant's victimless crimes system become the primary function.

    Johann Hollar, St. Paul

    I agree, these kind of criminals are insignificant to the real criminals such as Wall Street CEO's, Government agents, politicians, military personal, judges, lawyers and anyone else who thinks that they can get away with anything.

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    RBESRQ    1/4/11
    kimo, lahaina

    Too many are warehoused, stripped of their dignity, it has gone too far. Give man back his dignity, treat him good, he will become good.treat a man like a rabid dog, he may turn into one. Our love for ourselves, and our fellow man, is important. As others have posted, some of the greatest criminals of all time, are in office right now. theft, rapes, and such are a reason for man to be jailed, and other crimes we all know to be bad. The privatization of prisons in the united states, has caused a "body count" to be part of the daily world of corrections.


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