Everett Dean MartinEverett Dean Martin, (1880-1941) American minister, writer, journalist, instructor, lecturer, social psychologist, social philosopher, advocate of adult education

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“One of the serious results of propaganda is that it has caused the public to think that education and propaganda are the same thing, and thus to make an ignorant multitude believe it is being educated when it is only being manipulated. Education aims at independence of judgement. Propaganda offers ready-made opinions for the unthinking herd.”

Everett Dean MartinEverett Dean Martin
~ Everett Dean Martin

Are We Victims of Propaganda, Our Invisible Masters: A Debate with Edward Bernays (1929)

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Steve Hambling, Aylmer, Quebec

All three quotes today are very timely. Thx Eric. 

E Archer, NYC

True and succinctly put!

Mike, Norwalk

We hold this truth to be self evident. Culmination of the here quote is witnessed in a well educated (not) Amerika.

Don Lee, RENO

Weak...since public education is only suppose to be for economics, ie reading writing and math, the rest is ALL propaganda. Public education started at the beginning of the Industrial revolution and it's only purpose is economics.


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