Everett Dean MartinEverett Dean Martin, (1880-1941) American minister, writer, journalist, instructor, lecturer, social psychologist, social philosopher, advocate of adult education

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“Tolerance is a better guarantee of freedom than brotherly love; for a man may love his brother so much that he feels himself thereby appointed his brother’s keeper.”

Everett Dean MartinEverett Dean Martin
~ Everett Dean Martin

Liberty, 1930

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Mike, Norwalk

forced: charity, cradle to the crave keeping , or anything is not love and has nothing to do with tolerance


Excellent! from the home to global politics it is the same...

E Archer, NYC

I would say that tolerance and respect are aspects of love. Love is often confused with desire, and sometimes when we 'love' someone we indeed 'desire' that they be a certain way -- for their own good of course.

Ken, Allyn, WA

I consider myself the keeper of my brother's liberty to freely make his own choices, good or bad. If you defend you brother's liberty, you inevitably defend your own. However, if your bad choices negatively impact my freedom, you can expect to hear from me.

Paula, Michigan

I don't think the author gave it enough thought. Are we to tolerate corruption and peversity too?


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