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“The real freedom of any individual can always be measured by the amount of responsibility which he must assume for his own welfare and security.”

~ Robert Welch

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Logan, Memphis, TN

In a free society, the individual must assume his own accountability and security. If he does not feel secure within the society he is in, he is free to remove himself from it. It is not just for a man to be subservient to another because of their own lack of responsibility. No individual has a "right" to force others around him to capitulate to his wants as though they are his needs or, even worse, his rights. For instance: Insurance is something that a "responsible" man would "assume for his own welfare and security"; however, a man cannot justly force his neighbor to "assume" that "responsibility" for their "own welfare and security". Such would be tyranny. Where would be the end of the chaos then? This is one of the greatest problems in America today: The majority refuses to take personal accountability and responsibility for individual action. Everyone is so very willing to blame everything and everyone else, from the corporations to the banks, the government to their neighbor, and everyone else in between. They blame them for their own misery, poverty, or their social or economic position in life, and refuse to take personal accountability for their own actions. Just because you choose to be a poverty-stricken English teacher or choose to stay in a dying town, don't make me become a fiscal-slave to your stupidity and poor planning-- freakin' socialists. Don’t give me the “Society has put me where I am at and they owe me something” crap. I came from nothing myself! With the help of God, I’ve worked my way through school while putting a roof over my wife and daughter’s head, and food in their mouths—and I did it without stealing from anyone! I didn’t go on any government welfare program to pay for my daughter’s birth, or our house, or our food. I take responsibility for my own. America is near its threshold of those who are far more complacent to accept a free handout from the government than to work harder to make it on their own. I’ve done it. It was hard as hell, but I did it. Take responsibility for yourself America, it's possible, stop leaving it to someone else to do for you. Sorry to the moderator for the long post. I'd give this more stars if I could.

Anonymous, Reston, VA US

This is the path to anarchy. A successful society is one where there are interdependantcies between individuals. So, while there may be freedom to provide for one's own self independent of all others, in reality very few will do so, choosing instead to pool resources to create such institutions as trade, insurance, shared defense, etc.

Michael, Houston, TX

FYI Reston. Being responsible for yourself has nothing to do with not cooperating with others to everyone's mutual benefit -- that is the basis of freedom by which everyone grows and benefits. However, personal responsibility has EVERYTHING to do with not riding in the wagon while others are pulling it -- or, to use a less attractive analogy, being a leech. That is not to say that people cannot be charitable or benevolent, far from it -- they are free to do so as they wish... However, forcible extrations of the fruits of one person's time and energy simply to give to anotherr is quite another thing.... in fact, I think they call that either robbery or slavery -- which I am confident you would never endorse - -Right? Or, does it make a difference who is robbing and who is being robbed as to whether it is acceptable or not?

Joe, Rochester, MI

I assume responsibility for my welfare by earning a Bachelor's degree to increase my income. I carry a concealed handgun to provide for my security. If I ONLY relied on Reston's pooled resources (police) to save me from a thief in the night, they would arrive in time to outline my body with chalk. Instead, I rely on them to pick up the thief, who could be dead by the time they arrive if I'm forced to defend myself. Apparently self-defense is what Reston would call anarchy. I call it my natural right to defend my life, my property, my friends and family. Reston would illogically appeal to the kindness of the thief to NOT take his life as the thief takes his property, and probably piss himself.

E Archer, NYC

Logan is right on. Michael, too.

Michael, Houston, TX

Thanks Joe and E Archer... As you both know, this is just basic stuff that adults understand... adolescents never will until they get out into the real world and stop living in some fantasy (however they got there). However, I must say, that while I agree with the quote it self, I do not agree with much from this author or the society he founded.

Jack, Green, OH

You're right, Reston. Besides, what is Real freedom vs, FAKE freedom? The adjective serves no purpose. It is a poor quote, but sounds good at first.

Mike, Norwalk
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Mike, Norwalk Jack, Green, OH 11/11/19

Freedom is: “The state of being free; liberty; self determination:” (Black’s Law Dictionary 1st Edition); “the power or liberty to order one's own actions” (Colins English Dictionary); “The ability to act at liberty.” (Webster’s Dictionary)

Liberty is: “The power of acting as one thinks fit, without any restraint or control, except from the laws of nature.” (Bouvier’s Law Dictionary) Liberty is the “exemption from extraneous control. The power of the will, in its moral freedom, to follow the dictates of its unrestricted choice, and to direct the external acts of the individual without restraint, coercion, or control from other persons. Liberty is the right which nature gives to all mankind of disposing of their persons and property after the manner they judge most consistent with their happiness, on condition of their acting within the limits of the law of nature, and so as not to interfere with an equal exercise of the same rights by other men.” (Black’s Law Dictionary 1st ed.). Clarifying original fact, natural law intent, and de jure jurisprudence: “Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add 'within the limits of the law,' because law is often but the tyrant's will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual.” (Thomas Jefferson) “Personal liberty, or the Right to enjoyment of life and liberty, is one of the fundamental or natural Rights, which has been protected by its inclusion as a guarantee in the various constitutions, which is not derived from, or dependent on, the U.S. Constitution, which may not be submitted to a vote and may not depend on the outcome of an election. It is one of the most sacred and valuable Rights, as sacred as the Right to private property ⋯ and is regarded as inalienable.” (16 C.J.S., Constitutional Law, Sect.202, p.987).

Fake freedom is what is occurring under the occupying statist theocracy infesting this land with its applied socialism, tyranny and other forms of despotism. WHEN: compelled compliance, government licenses, victimless crimes, enslavement through larceny, (2nd plank of the communist manifesto, Social Security, police state confiscations, etc.); AND, non-recognition / persecutions against individual sovereignty / freedom / liberty / perfected allodium (absolute private ownership) / the laws of nature and of nature’s God is called freedom, it is fake.

David L. Rosenthal

I think the quote is unclear, poorly defining freedom.

Joe, Rochester, MI

Anarchy if people take responsibility for their own welfare and security? Doubtful! People "pool resources" because they benefit from it. No benefit, no pooling.

Logan, Memphis, TN

Real freedom vs. Perceived freedom. One slave may be as happy and content as possible, because he gets his three square meals a day, a roof over his head, the ability of working, and, if he's a good slave, a decent education. Isn't this the utopia that Reston is always talking about? This type of reality is all the freedom that some people want! That is, freedom from care and worry. However, to another slave, three square meals, a roof over his head, the ability of working, and an education mean absolutely nothing; he wants his "real freedom"! If he's a slave, he has no accountability, he's the property of his master; anything the slave does is under the responsibility of his master; hence, his master can impose any license, privilege, cause or measure that will ensure the master's own security and assurance. The quote is very clear-- it is only hard to understand by those who are happy being slaves.

Logan, Memphis, TN

May I also add that the slave, that is happy being a slave, also loves the freedom he has from personal accountability, securing his own individual welfare and security, individuality, and personal responsibility. It all depends on what kind of freedom you desire.

Mike, Norwalk

Liberty is the freedom to, slavery includes the freedom from. The slave can not in reality give up freedom when the government is the giver of rights and ultimate definer of responsibilities. Personal welfare is not an issue that can legitimately be administrated by the government. Personal security can be enhanced (beyond personal involvement) by hiring persons to act in the individual's stead (government). An individual, acting by himself or in concert with others, can not give to his/their hirelings that which they do not possess; they can only give that which they possess (a Republic). Responsibility assumed for an individual's own welfare and security can be magnified through employees (government).

R Van Winkle, USA

Good posts everyone (mostly)... We are touching on the real essence of what we are here.... Are we free because we are taken care of -- ie kept, to some minimum standard, and that based on the whims of others and their ability to extract something from me for others... or are we free because we are producers -- capable of taking care of ourselves, working productively with others as equals not dependants, contributing to society and making the world a better place, and becoming all we can be? There was a day not to long ago, when the answer to this was so obvious and common knowledge in America that this question would be snickered at as immature and adolescent by even children in grade school. Think about it.

jim k, Austin

I'll keep it short, this is a good quote.

E Archer, NYC

Logan's on a roll! Great comments all around. I can't think of anything that hasn't already been said. ;-)


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