Everett Dean MartinEverett Dean Martin, (1880-1941) American minister, writer, journalist, instructor, lecturer, social psychologist, social philosopher, advocate of adult education

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“It is the trivial, the irrelevant, the sensational, the appeal to obsolete bigotry which naturally give it greatest publicity. In such publicity it becomes a mere vulgar caricature of itself.”

Everett Dean MartinEverett Dean Martin
~ Everett Dean Martin

Are We Victims of Propaganda, Our Invisible Masters: A Debate with Edward Bernays (1929)

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E Archer, NYC

Looks like racist rhetoric is a time-tested tactic of propaganda to rile people up over trivialities and exaggerations.

Mike, Norwalk

The Progressive caricature of self is a vulgar theocratic socialism. The private and expanded collective sensationalizes bigotry by anti-reality propagating (mountains out of mole hills) the trivial and the irrelevant. 


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