Frank Straus MeyerFrank Straus Meyer, (1909-1972) American philosopher, political activist, best known for his theory of "fusionism" – a political philosophy that unites elements of libertarianism and traditionalism into a philosophical synthesis which is posited as the definition of modern American conservatism.

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“The ideal type of the Communist is a man in whom all individual, emotional, and unconscious elements have been reduced to a minimum and subjected to the control of an iron will, informed by a supple intellect. That intellect is totally at the service of a single and compelling idea, made incarnate in the Communist Party: the concept of History as an inexorable god whose ways are revealed ‘scientifically’ through the doctrine and method of Marxism-Leninism.”

Frank Straus MeyerFrank Straus Meyer
~ Frank Straus Meyer

The Moulding of Communists: The Training of the Communist Cadre, 1961, p.16

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Mike, Norwalk

I'm not sure how to rate this; 5 stars for intellectual/academic accuracy or a thumbs down for application accuracy. The comment, as a stand a lone exposé speaks volumes as explaining the simple mindlessness, shallowness and destructive focus of the current communists (antifa, BLM, etc.).

E Archer, NYC

Accurate.  The PC cancel culture furthers slogans that suddenly all progressive liberal politicians repeat verbatim, ad infinitum.  Groupthink only  any speech that diminishes the slogans is condemned and censored.  "All lives matter" triggers hateful responses.  Any effort to resolve any disputes other than complete capitulation to the outrage mob means war.  The Thought Police and Ministry of Truth are fully empowered to shut down any voice that does not toe the party line.  The goal is One Party rule (which is essentially Marxism).  All others must bow down and kiss the feet of the mob which demands total surrender and the paying of protection money to keep their jobs and businesses  which will be taxed to pay for the mob's demands of ... what?  The demands never end  the Left has been governing these areas exclusively for decades, THEY are already responsible for the end results  this is what you get.

I do sincerely hope that the Minneapolis Police Department will be shut down.  I personally would like to see how the citizens take responsibility.  Certainly, if the people of these cities live up to their ideals, there will be no problems.  I hope they can show us how it is done, really.

BTW, NYC is a ghost town with miles of boarded up businesses.  No one is allowed out except to riot.  Months ago, the city started a no bail program for criminals.  Can anyone really doubt that all this has been a set-up to cause civil unrest?  This is straight out of the Maoist Insurgency playbook.  There is no doubt in my mind what the intention is behind all this ...


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