Frank ZappaFrank Zappa, (1940-1993) American Musician

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“Remember, Information is not knowledge; Knowledge is not Wisdom; Wisdom is not truth; Truth is not beauty; Beauty is not love; Love is not music; Music is the best.”

Frank ZappaFrank Zappa
~ Frank Zappa

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freddy, the forests of lancaster

what a guy. so brilliant, he left us too soon.

morten, Drammen

Master of Reality - R.I.P

Shai, Lafayette

Above & beyond "Manic Depression" & it's "frustrating mess"

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    Anonymous    5/18/09

    Truth IS beauty. When we find truth, we'll live in paradise.

    Mike, Norwalk

    ;-) pure Zappa

    E Archer, NYC

    Music IS the best! It combines all the rest in this Uni-verse. "You are what you is!"


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