Friedrich August von HayekFriedrich August von Hayek, (1899-1992), Nobel Laureate of Economic Sciences 1974

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“[T]hose who are willing to surrender their freedom for security have always demanded that if they give up their full freedom it should also be taken from those not prepared to do so.”

Friedrich August von HayekFriedrich August von Hayek
~ Friedrich August von Hayek

The Road to Serfdom, p. 140-141 (1944)

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Mike, Norwalk

Not exactly sure how to comment on this or rate it with stars. The statement is very accurate. Great observation. At least 5 stars for the truth stated. A thumbs down for the documentary it paints of our current society.

J Carlton, Calgary

I'm with Mike in that I am unable to settle myself on the message here. What our society is lacking is morality...thanks to the Dept. of Education and its handlers. The sheep want security but haven't the spine to stand up for themselves.

Mary - MI

"Never give up Liberty for Security. You can provide security without sacrificing your Bill of Rights" -- Ron Paul!

Kimo, USA

The lazy always drain society. The is no substitute for the hard work of a young strong man.Great men know the satisfaction of winning a hard fought battle. Those that take, and take, will find themselves in a prison of their own making. The current leaders will not be running things soon, the free ride will be over, and again men will EARN their way. Me, 45 years i worked, and i get my small monthly check, no complains. I'm happy, and I'm happy I can hold up my head, for i earned it all, with sweat. and I never stole from those who had more. i earned their respect, now, it has paid off. The system is not perfect, but their is none better, and they are trying to change something that cannot be changed, human nature. freedom. once tasted, never forgotten.

Tim, Gainesville, FL

In the way that von Hayek intended it, it is totally false. I.e., public regulation of the market place, to prevent national economic disintegration and protect vulnerable victims of economic crime, strengthens, rather than usurping, liberty. If we apply this sentence of von Hayek to government invasion of the private houses, papers, and letters (including emails and phone calls), it is totally true, but Ben Franklin said it in an earlier, simpler, and more powerful way.

E Archer, NYC

F. A. von Hayek knew what he was talking about, even if Tim doesn't. And neither was Franklin ever a supporter of government regulation of the market place. Read The Road to Serfdom, and von Hayek's views are clear. Indeed Tim seems to prove this quote...


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