Friedrich August von HayekFriedrich August von Hayek, (1899-1992), Nobel Laureate of Economic Sciences 1974

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“Human reason can neither predict nor deliberately shape its own future. Its advances consist in finding out where it has been wrong.”

Friedrich August von HayekFriedrich August von Hayek
~ Friedrich August von Hayek

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E Archer, NYC

We learn by making mistakes.

Ronw13, OR
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Ronw13, OR    6/8/18

Mandates of slavery vs Individual Economic liberty. Interesting that many of Hayek's notes are yet to be published.
The Road to Serfdom mirroring The Road to Servitude. Both are excellent reads. When "lending houses" are bent upon unjust usury with mandates of slavery, then one will come to understand the Siege upon our Free Popular form of Government. This given rise through miseries experienced.


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