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“Consider also the willy-nilly growth of the Social Security number. When the numbers were created in 1935, they were supposed to be used for one thing only, to record individual workers’ payments into the Social Security system. Eight years later, Franklin Roosevelt decided all new federal record-keeping would be based on the numbers. In 1962, the IRS adopted them as taxpayer identification numbers. And after Congress permitted states to use the numbers for welfare payments and driver’s licenses in 1976, they mushroomed: food stamps, school lunches, federal loans, even blood donations required Social Security numbers. These days it’s almost impossible to open a bank account or hook up your telephone without one.”

~ Glenn Garvin

Bringing The Border War Home, What Will Americans Pay To Keep Out Immigrants?, Reason, October 1995

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Mike, Norwalk

I'm not exactly sure how to rate this quote, It is just a statement of factual events. I guess 5 stars for accuracy and not a thumbs down for what has become of the once legally and lawfully recognized free individual sovereign. Social Security on its face is blatantly unconstitutional and by principle is a degradation by an anti-freedom / liberty statist theocracy.

J. Allen, Arlington, Va

It is growing and headed for a national ID, big brother keeps getting bigger.

cal, lewisville, tx

The government must look at us as enemies-of-the-state. They gave us a number-and took away our name.

jim k, Austin, Tx

Mike, J Allen, and Cal have said it well.

J Carlton, Calgary

It's all part of forcing sheeplike compliance on what were once free and sovereign citizens. The powers that be do not see us as people, but as inventory. Sheep to be fleeced and "culled" however they see fit.

E Archer, NYC

From what I have read, applying for a Social Security number is voluntary but that by doing so, the signer binds himself/herself to the government as a ward of the state and as a government employee. The Congress can write laws that govern government employees and that obligates them to obey their dictates. It has been proposed that the SS number in fact is what makes one liable for income taxes as only those with SS numbers can even file income taxes. I am inclined to agree. We now cannot even get a job without an SS number, and while it is possible to get a bank account without one, it will definitely require a meeting with the bank manager to explain why having one is not required. Applications for SS numbers are now attached to docs for getting a birth certificate -- the statement of live birth issued by the hospital is exchanged for a birth certificate and a SS number. (Just an aside, why is the birth certificate issued by the Treasury?) I think it is funny that we blame the founders for being slave holders all the while our own status as slaves remains unchallenged. We are tagged and numbered from birth and obligated as wards of the state until death. Taxed all our lives and even after death what little we have saved over a life time is taken, too. How different is today's system than that of chattel slavery of old? Mostly, that we are all slaves now...

dick, fort worth

So what's the problem?

Don, Reno
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Don, Reno    2/7/18

Immigration is arbitrary in the modern welfare state. Communities are disrupted and power comes from the top down. It's a blatant attack on all democratic institutions.


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