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“The present homeschooling laws are, at best, a poor compromise between a highly structured, two hundred billion dollar a year industry and the principles and beliefs of a handful of parents.”

~ Helen Hegener

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Bill Fikes, Meadow Lakes

That would account for the industrial waste I encounter every time I venture away from home.

Mike, Norwalk

Sometimes. Mostly, homeschooling laws are a two hundred billion dollar a year industry's self perceived attempt at self preservation and a socialistic theology's implementation of desired propaganda.

J Carlton, Calgary

The compromise is that the state will allow you to teach your kids at home as long as the state gets to dictate the overall content of that schooling.

E Archer, NYC

Schools are predominately conditioning centers designed to teach us how to serve the state and specifically people with letters after their name. The laws are written by the same folks that tax and take from the citizens, just as they have been taught they are authorized to do. It is essentially illegal to by-pass these 12 years of programming, because it only takes a year away from it to recognize the con. College is hardly different. Why borrow $40,000 per year to get an education when a self-disciplined individual can spend a couple years in a library, read the same books (and more), and come out with an even better understanding than a college student that parties non-stop for 4 years and graduates with a debt he/she can barely repay in 10 years? As far as I can tell, today's conventional education programs are designed to put us all in debt as soon as legally possible and to remain so for the rest of our lives, always borrowing from tomorrow to live for today -- that is until the whole thing comes crashing down as the debt game implodes as it is designed to do. We are debt slaves because we have been taught to be.

rita, richland

"Industry" is correct. With homescooling as least you can put your spin on what is being taught, therefore the kids might get the truth.


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