HoraceHorace, [Quintus Horatius Flaccus] (65-8BC) Roman poet

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“Who then is free? The wise who can command his passions, who fears not want, nor death, nor chains, firmly resisting his appetites and despising the honors of the world, who relies wholly on himself, whose angular points of character have all been rounded off and polished.”

~ Horace

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E Archer, NYC

Beautiful. This is why the masses in general have become serfs on their own land having been conned by the 'authorities' to entrust them with 'security', 'jobs', 'education', and 'health care'. Beasts of burden are treated no less.

Mike, Norwalk

One man's opinion. I agree with most with reservations and qualifications.

Mike, Norwalk

Depending on how free, or freedom is defined ultimately will give the most accurate rating to the here subject statement. As an individual of eternal inheritance (being a joint heir with Christ) freedom is an inalienable element of my being (each and every expression there of is an action at natural law). When freedom is defined by restrictions and other outside-in perceptions, the philosophy of the quote becomes mentally picturesque.


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