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“The American people are bound to the people of the Soviet Union in the great alliance of the United Nations. We are determined that nothing shall stop us from sharing with you all that we have.”

~ Howard C. Peterson

testimony during a Senate investigation, led by Senator Styles Bridges, chairman of the Committee on Appropriations 6/47, Congressional Record (1952)

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Cal, lewisville, TX

Just like FDR who called Stalin our Uncle Joe.

jim k, Austin, Tx

The people of Eastern Europe were taken over by the Nazis and then after the war, WW2, were given over to Stalin who was every bit as bad as Hitler, maybe worse. Those poor folk couldn't catch a break.

Mike, Norwalk

Welcome to Amerika and the disembowelment of freedom.

Ken, Spokane

I say 5 because the truth of that statement is becoming frighteningly evident. United Nations Agenda 21 has found it' way into our sovereignty and has done so in ever so small progressive bites. Bites so small that we have not realized what has been overtaking our Freedom. When you hear the word Progressive as applied to politics please understand these are the people taking away your Individual and Private Property Rights little by little (progressively). They have quietly developed an infrastructure to work along side our existing government until they can activate the change over to Eco-Communism/Fascism, "New World Order".

warren, olathe

The kind of quotes I like to see. Education is the key to freedom.

E Archer, NYC

I believe it is the Truth that will set you free, warren. 'Education' is what is binding us. I think you mean 'Knowledge is power.' Yes, the communist Russians were well connected to the banking families in NYC. The Russian Revolution was a HUGE theft of the Russian people. Remember that war is the banker's dream. There is overwhelming evidence to back up Peterson's quote -- just research it.


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