Huey P. Newton Quote

“I think what motivates people is not great hate, but great love for other people.”

~ Huey P. Newton

paraphrasing Che

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younga, brixton london england

this is very true! sometimes i wish we still had someone like huey standing for all people of colour! a NON- RASIST with one goal to help and level all people!! HE WAS A TRUE LEADER OF HIS PEOPLE!!

Mike, Norwalk

Both great hate and great love are motivators. I believe great love is the greater of the 2.

E Archer, NYC

The oppressed know who they are. Certainly hate can rally up support for a raid, but is a poor foundation for long term reform. Love is a stronger force, and is life-affirming -- a powerful force for permanent change. Fear and Love are the most common motivating passions -- it is easier to gin up fear than to muster the courage to love.


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