Justice Hugo L. BlackJustice Hugo L. Black, (1886-1971) US Supreme Court Justice

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“The interest of the people lies in being able to join organizations, advocate causes, and make political “mistakes” without being subjected to governmental penalties.”

Justice Hugo L. BlackJustice Hugo L. Black
~ Justice Hugo L. Black


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Mike, Norwalk

Natural law, rights, and justice also have an interest to people. The United States enforces an almost 20 to 1(of the next country's criminal code) regulation definition that can stick a person in prison. Are the statist theocracy's cannons really that righteous that criminals are made out of patrons / non-patrons where no other people on earth find such offenses. The political prisoners are filling full the prisons.

J Carlton, Calgary

Join an organization like the NRA or one of the State Minuteman groups and see how quick you get put on a watchlist of security threats. A Threat that is, to the NWO gang now holding the White House hostage.

jim k, Austin

We made a "political mistake" in November of 2008 and boy are we paying for it.

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RBESRQ    1/12/10

At the moment that's the least of our troubles - we have and are making so many political mistakes we are doomed - our first major political mistake was allowing our military free range and the creation of the CIA

E Archer, NYC

We have to bear the consequences of our choices and any 'mistakes.' Leave it to lawyers to make an argument for relieving you of your responsibilities.


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