Justice Hugo L. Black Quote

“... any broad unlimited power to hold laws unconstitutional because they offend what this Court conceives to be the ‘conscience of our people’ ... was not given by the Framers, but rather has been bestowed on the Court by the Court.”

~ Justice Hugo L. Black

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Mike, Norwalk

wow, not shooting the messenger, YES. The court now is so anti-law, when they get one almost right it is big news.

J Carlton, Calgary

bestowed on the Court by the Court...so much for checks and balances...

jim k, Austin, Tx

The next election is crucial in that the next president will probably pick at least two Supreme Court justices, maybe three. If the "Annointed One" does it, we're sunk.The "O" has got to go.

E Archer, NYC

The conscience of the People is reserved by the people, and to be exercised in the jury box, ballot box, and ultimately the cartridge box.


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