Immanuel KantImmanuel Kant, (1724-1804) German philosopher

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“The enjoyment of power inevitably corrupts the judgment of reason, and perverts its liberty.”

Immanuel KantImmanuel Kant
~ Immanuel Kant

Perpetual Peace, 1795

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David L Rosenthal

Reason is overrated.

David L Rosenthal

No, it is not reason that is overrated; it is man's ability to reason that is overrated.

Mike, Norwalk

It was true of King Saul, It is true of King George, and is true 5 stars worth of the time, I think it's the enjoyment of power that corrupts so completely.

Joe, Rochester, MI

Emotion is overrated. Man's ability to reason would cause most adults to buy a gun for their own security. Sadly, "gun control" is emotionally directed.

Robert, Sarasota

"Enjoyment of power" is not what corrupts but man's interpretion of it.

E Archer, NYC

The lust for power is the root of all evil. Without reason, we would soon all be slaves to lies, superstition, and custom.

Mike, Norwalk

Joe, I think you took an industrial strength 'Right On' pill today

David L Rosenthal

He who reasons best reasons inadequately.

heather, chicago

this is not what i searched for. this was no help whatsoever. Thanks a lot for ruining my entire night and wasting my prescious time.


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