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“If you want irresponsible politicians to spend less, you must give them less to spend.”

~ Irwin Schiff

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Mike, Norwalk

aah yes, that is the question Is it irresponsibility that shapes Mr. Obamunist Goodwrench the assassin's (along with his agreeing patrons of the statist theocracy) systematic dismantling of a once great economy or, is it the direct result of the Democrat / Republican's true religious dogma implementation? Since the focus is here on the irresponsible - 5 stars

J Carlton, Calgary

Which will never happen as long as the Fed is printing money out of thin air and charging us interest on "the loan". Its nice to know your income tax dollar goes straight to the interest on that loan, isn't it?

cal, lewisville, tx

Neither Democrats nor Republicans will ever do this. Let's give the Libertarians a try at it. Ron Paul for sure.

dick, fort worth

A meaningless quote.

Mike, Norwalk

dick, good to see a tax and spend without limits comment here (-; by the state of the current economy, its obvious your ilk is out there - fair and balanced comments ;-)

Waffler, Smith

and of course the opposite is also true; "if you want resposible politicians to spend more you must give them more to spend". This is know as the Truman axiom. When the roads in Independence, Missouri were muddy, ruted and impassable and the ruling Republicans were just ringing there hads and saying "what are we to do" Truman got elected, raised taxes, fixed the roads and brought prosperity and happiness to Independence.

Waffler, Smith

PS: The irresponsible politicians Reagan and Bushes just sell bonds and keep on spending us into debt.

J Carlton, Calgary

What the Wafflers of the world seem to ignore is the the incredible waste, graft and corruption that comes with "thin air" money from all administrations. That's because they have terribly limited, programmed, communist mind sets.

Alex, Los Angeles

How about just finding responsible politicians... Oh wait, " responsible politicians" is an oxymoron. nevermind.

Mary - MI
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Mary - MI    10/6/15

J Carlton - No doubt Waffler, Smith would like nothing better but to get employed by all those who practice "graft and corruption" and who are allied with his communal communist mind-set.

Ronw13, Yachats Or

What is a debt of " Thin air money " worth ? absolutely Nothing ! Usury is tyranny when practiced upon this nations children. Treason against the Republic in the highest of office. Caring nothing for independence, caring only for consumers yoked with a guilty conscience, bowing down to the almighty state of socialism at the point of a gun.

Mike, Norwalk

Mary, waffler is an IRS supervisor - that explains a lot of his comments.

cal, Lewisville, tx

The state of Texas has it in their constitution that the budget must be balanced. We even have a surplus.


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