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“Gun control advocates need to realize that passing laws that honest gun owners will not obey is a self-defeating strategy. Gun owners are not about to surrender their rights, and only the most foolish of politicians would risk the stability of the government by trying to use the force of the state to disarm the people.”

~ J. Neil Schulman

Los Angeles Times, June 8, 1992

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J Carlton, Calgary

"Gun control advocates need to realize...that they are actually quite evil.

jim k, Austin, Tx

....Or extremely foolish.

Mike, Norwalk

Gun control advocates don't care about rights, freedom, liberty, or ownership or that which follows thus, they don't care about self-defeating strategy(s). They just keep doing the same thing hoping for a different result.

E Archer, NYC

My guess is that gun control advocates opinions have merely been broadcast to them -- they merely parrot what they have been told over and over and over ... I bet that none have ever fired a gun. If they are from NYC like myself, they have been taught since youth to simply surrender to armed assailants. For the most part, their mentality is still childish and subservient to 'authority.' Those that have taken responsibility for their lives hold a different view of life. Advocates of gun control usually have all the attributes of a dependent OR have a stake in keeping others in a permanent state of dependency, like the politicians that keep the issue alive.


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