James MadisonJames Madison, (1751-1836), Father of the Constitution for the USA, 4th US President

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“Conscience is the most sacred of all property.”

James MadisonJames Madison
~ James Madison

Essay on Property, March 29, 1792

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Mike, Norwalk

In context, I like it.

E Archer, NYC

Conscience is the last line of defense against one's own slavery -- and others'.

Lucille A. Petillo, Ocean, NJ

Cherish this quote for if more politicians and people had a conscience, the critical situation in the world today would be improved for since the beginning of the 20th century we have been on a downward spiral of blaming others for our faults. Responsibility and Consequences for one's actions are gone for it is easier to blame someone else. In the 21st century we have crossed over to the dark side of not even being able to define "right" from "wrong". Required reading should be "Common Sense" by Thomas Paine for the world of today has none of this virtue.

Vedapushpa, Bangalore - India

Surely Yes p For it is the Real You... even if you should lose touch [attachment] with your name fame home and kinfolks YOU can still exist with a sense of ;belonging' to the world and the world belonging to you - If you are in touch with your Inner Self the Intuition -- and that as not needing any endorsement from any other then you exist as an Absolute -- Self-willed Individual.

Vedapushpa, Bangalore - India

Forgot to mention that Conscience the same as intuition.. and it is the opposite of ;science; which is 'subjectively objective; and conscience is ;objectively subjective. ,,, Hope I make sense ?!


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