James Russell LowellJames Russell Lowell, (1819-1891) American author and diplomatist

James Russell Lowell Quote

“And I honor the man who is willing to sink
half his present repute for the freedom to think,
and, when he has thought, be his cause strong or weak,
Will risk t' other half for the freedom to speak.”

James Russell LowellJames Russell Lowell
~ James Russell Lowell

A Fable for Critics, 1848

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Anonymous, Reston, VA US

... and the third half for the freedom to do.... and the forth half for the freedom to enjoy the preceding three halves in this forth half... again, just not all that quotable...

Mike, Norwalk

lol, I like AfR's insight.

E Archer, NYC

Some prefer collective 'thought' to original thought -- it is a lot safer. Most just parrot what they have been told to believe -- those that dare think otherwise and dare to speak it are usually denounced quickly by the well-indoctrinated masses.

E Archer, NYC

One of my favorites!


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