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“[The prison guards are] capable of committing daily atrocities and obscenities, smiling the smile of the angels all the while.”

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cal, Lewisville, tx

What power over others can do to some folks.

Ron w13, Or

Not all guards are corrupt, but some are and do. They are not there to be your friend, but to guard ! High stress and early retirement package. Not worth rating. Never bite the hand that guards the biting dogs. Remove and replace.

Ron w13, Or

Growing up military and local law enforcement in the family, RN's in the operating room. You hear more than should be said in public !
Just as atrocities committed in war, what seems to be senseless to some is a savior to others. The boots on the ground tell the local story of hate and love. Deception and sincerity. Semper Fi.

Mike, Norwalk

Ron, said well. Prison guards, military, and police are 3 completely different job descriptions, requiring different personalities and mind sets (for example - administration of justice, defense warriors, and tyranny). I can't speak to the subject matter from personal experience so I wouldn't know how to rate it. I have friends that have been wards of the State and extended family that are prison guards. The story from both sides is; there are good guards and there are bad guards. The quote accurately depicts some while is completely false for others.


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