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“The love of liberty that is not a real principle of dutiful behavior to authority is as hypocritical as the religion that is not productive of a good life.”

~ Bishop Joseph Butler

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Guest    4/3/13

A dutiful behavior to authority is what allowed Hitler to prevail - temporarily.

Mike, Norwalk

Scripturally, a principle is a definition of equity; not the lawful use we use today or the early U.K. equity (with courts of equity) but, the earlier equity was based on love, faith, charity, etc. (that is where the term iniquity comes from; contrary to or outside of love, faith, charity, etc.) At such, there is no principle of dutiful behavior to authority. In context, a demand for dutiful behavior to authority is a slave master's commandment. Not even in the de jure representative republic where the government is the servant and the individual sovereign is the master is there duty to authority - duty there is by agreement (government employee to sovereign individual(s)), not to authority but rather, to rights. Even in those situations where there is a duty to authority, the military for example, that does not equate to a love of liberty (but rather a job description). A good life ? - in who's estimation ? - the comfortable Bishop that lives off the peon's tithes and offerings ? The love of liberty does include love and faith in your fellow man, personal responsibility, an existence in harmony with natural law and a most basic desire to do.

jim k, Austin, Tx

Right on Guest and Mike.

E Archer, NYC

We always hear this from people in 'authority,' both religious and secular, in order to secure obedience to their designs. Classic double-speak -- and it has worked for thousands of years ...

Matthew, People's Republic of California

He forgot to look up the definition of "liberty" before vomiting his propaganda on parchment. Then again, his job title indicates his politics....

David White, Rochester, NY

The liberty spoken of here is political liberty, freedom from tyranny. One who does not see the love of liberty as also a requirement to obey the authority capable of bring down the tyrant is a hypocrite. Without an authority who enjoys wide support, we are left defenseless against the tyrant, and therefore deprived of liberty.


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