Joseph Wood KrutchJoseph Wood Krutch, (1893-1970) American writer, critic, and naturalist

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“The grand paradox of our society is this: we magnify man’s right but we minimize his capacities.”

Joseph Wood KrutchJoseph Wood Krutch
~ Joseph Wood Krutch

The Measure of Man, 1954

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Mike, Norwalk

I'm not sure what rights are magnified, I know many rights that are minimized.

Me Again, Your Town,USA

Nicely put and I agree.

kilpeg, austin,tx

We have way too many "Rights" in this country that ain't really "Rights" at all. Liberals think , if they ever do think , that free medical care, a free education, a "livable wage", etc, are somehow "Rights". This is a nice ,Utopian dream , but no one has the right to any of this.

Alan, Wirral

Such brilliance

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Ethan    3/31/08

I agree with Mike.

J Carlton, Calgary

I know here in Canada that we have no rights to speak of. I ask someone every day, "Do you know what your rights are?" I usually get a blank stare. I pray the American public soon becomes enraged...unfortunately, once again, its up to you guys. You are the driving force.

E Archer, NYC

Freedom to talk and talk and talk, yes, but try to actually do something! We go around proudly boasting that we live in a free country, and yet cannot get out of debt, cannot redress the government for our grievances, cannot get the government to uphold and defend the Constitution, cannot get fair elections, cannot have our weapons in times of emergency, cannot get Washington out of local and state affairs. Yes, we have the greatest rights in the world -- only we can't exercise any that will rein in the power concentrated in de facto government. It is essentially illegal to exercise any fundamental right. Hypocrisy is rampant in America.

warren, olathe

How true. We obsess over our rights but do little to expand our horizons. When asked why we don't try a certain venture we often think we will not be "allowed" to succeed by some invisible "they". They are too busy looking for opportunities of their own to care about blocking ours. Our biggest restraint on our freedom comes from ourselves

Mike, Norwalk

A question for anyone reading this; what inalienable right(s) is being magnified? ? ? Without much discussion, it can be shown that the 10 planks of the communist manifesto have been applied world wide. Within the confines of the U.S.'s version of the statist theocracy infesting this land through occupation for example, land / property ownership (perfected allodium) is NOT recognized (only "titles" are recorded or used  a privileged position, eminent domain redefined, property tax, licensing, titles of nobility, etc.). The second plank of the communist manifesto operates from the premise that chattel (We The People) and their labors (or any fruits therefrom) are enslaved by said occupying theocracy. Etc., Etc., Etc.


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