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“Council [Council on Foreign Relations] leaders believed that blueprints for a new world order were necessary and, furthermore, that this was exactly the kind of activity the Council had been created to undertake.”

~ Laurence H. Shoup

Laurence H. Shoup and William Minter, Imperial Brain Trust, 1977

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jim k, Austin, Tx

I suspect that after we get this wonderful "New World Order" we will wish we had the Old one back.

J Carlton, Calgary

Obviously members of the CFR can be automatically considered "Anti-American" (along with their counterparts in Britains, Chatham House)

L. Hanson, Edmonton, Canada

And Ronald Tehran, GHW Bush sold it to us brought it home.

J Carlton, Calgary

Hanson, The CFR was founded in 1921 under President Warren G Harding and has nothing whatever to do with the two Presidents you are obcessed with, other than it's connection to all Presidents since its inception.

kimo, U S A

Since many here, have open minds, ill give some info. the planety has tilted 3.6 degress, still moving, the solar system, is stll aligning. for those in the know, check it out..lokk to the NORTH, the teo bright stars, are planets, put two and two together, its not hard. mike will fiquere it out real quick, if he has not already. i tell you all this, becuase i care. god bless

E Archer, NYC

The CFR was the creation of the Rockefellers in cahoots with their Rothschild partners in Europe. These guys are the real controllers of America. All the major news anchors are members as are almost all members of Congress and the two political parties. If you're not one of them, you are on your own. It makes no difference who you vote for because both 'choices' are from them. Look at how Ron Paul has been treated -- the press has ignored him all they can while what he stands for is most in line with what the people want no matter what party. Even the GOP who hate Obama with a passion will not support Ron Paul even though he is the most Constitutional politician in office today. Both parties and all branches of government are completely controlled and funded by the CFR and its subsidiaries. Its goal is to roll up all power into the hands of the bankers monarchy with entire world in their debt and the US military to enforce compliance. War and servitude, that is all the CFR is about.


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