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“Because law enforcement resources have been concentrated on the street drug trade in minority communities, drug arrests of minorities increased at 10 times the rate of increase for whites.”

~ Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Times

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Anonymous    11/25/13

Thanks Ronald and Nancy Reagan.

Mike, Pleasant Hill

No one holds a gun to their heads to do drugs and deal them, another" it's not my fault" excuse.

Cal, Lewisville, TX

As long as there are drug laws, there will be violent drug gangs.o

J Carlton, Calgary

Makes sense doesn't it? Law enforcement has been concentrated on those areas, because that is where the problem is most obvious. Take away the drug laws and generational welfare and the situation would change, wouldn't it? People would have to work for a living...imagine that!

jim k, Austin, Tx

The War on Drugs is the problem, not the solution. Check out LEAP, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition if you think this "War" is lowering drug use. It causes a multitude of problems and cures none, except to keep prison guards employed and jail builders busy.

Mike, Norwalk

Law enforcement officers just hate competition. Where I came from, cops beating blacks, whites, browns, yellows, greens, etc. was an equal opportunity game to be bragged about around the doughnut shop. Enforcement on the drug street trade was like a sugar high from a glazed doughnut - a really sweet thing and the lowest hanging fruit always got the biggest laughs.

E Archer, NYC

Absolutely true -- the proportion of blacks and hispanics in prison is much higher than in the general population. Drug prohibition's initial intent was aimed at blacks.


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