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“The fruit derived from labor is the sweetest of pleasures.”

~ Luc de Clapiers

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Mike, Norwalk

I like it. When a freeman's labor is bartered for a worthy medium of exchange, the resulting sensorial can be expressed as the sweetest of pleasures - a job well done.

Ronw13, Yachats Or

For the broadest of subject matter, there is little being said. I'm sure Mike can expound upon the metaphysical. The fruit of our labor, a gift from God. This being so, all first fruits, that come forth from the matrix are holy ( separate ) fruit and are God's, giving God his just praise. Plutarch's influence, with others, returns to the musses of mathematics. The co-sign and cyclical nature of. A simple gematria will bear this fact of nature, out, from hidding, fruit of labor =12, twelve in nature, refers to government. A soul without knowledge is not good, but there must be order. For one to rob the first fruits, begins the battle between elements. To manipulate and plunder pour souls is a grave mistake, with economic prowess. The greatest of beholding, a teacher with perfected skills able to instill proper attitude that the laborer's work is not in vein. Therefore your search is profitable to all. Then, are we comforted, which is the sweetest reward of all. A good tree brings forth good fruit.

E Archer, NYC

Indeed! Harvesting from my own garden those fruits I have been happily attending to is a great joy. The connection to Sun, Earth, and Nature is fulfilling all on its own -- to participate in harmony with creation is an honor.


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