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“If a blending of individualism and of cooperative participation is a prerequisite to a democratic solution of the problems of a society of free men, it must also be noted that an atmosphere of freedom is required if these problems are to be met constructively and as they arise.”

~ Marshall Field

Freedom Is More Than A Word, 1945

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KS, queensbury,NY.

Bravo ! Well said.

RBE, Anywhere in Europe

An admirable sentiment, alas not always maintained.... America must get back to having an holistic attitude towards this blending...

E Archer, NYC

Maybe, but proper jurisdictional limits must be observed. The individual has certain inalienable rights that a group, no matter how well meaning, may not abrogate. Collective solutions can be helpful, but only when the collective does not overreach into areas in which individuals have not agreed. The Girl Scouts are a fine organization, but their rules only apply to the members who have agreed, not the rest of us. As long as we are free to buy or not to buy their cookies, and they do not trample upon my individual rights, then we are all being respectful of each other.


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