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“In the late 1980s, Soviets were allowed to keep the wealth they created by raising vegetables on their garden plots. Although these plots composed only about 2% of the agricultural lands in the Soviet Union, they produced 25% of the food! When Soviets kept the wealth they created, they produced almost 16 times more than when it was taken from them at gunpoint, if necessary!”

~ Dr. Mary J. Ruwart

Healing Our World, Ch 19.

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Mike, Norwalk

Amerika's occupying statist theocracy allows no ownership (only titles, licenses and other forms of limited use pretension) with ever increasing anti-natural law regulation. Amerika's increasing poverty, enslavement and otherwise degradations image the late Soviet's outcome. When children are impaled with the full weight of the "law" (Amerika's gods use of the term, not a natural, common, constitutional, or otherwise legitimate use of the word) for setting up lemonade stands and, religious farmers are forbidden at gunpoint from selling raw milk, the Soviets at their peak of totalitarianism had nothing on Amerika's growing tyranny. Human nature is the same everywhere, the more free and individual sovereign is in his / her inalienable rights, the greater the quality, productivity, creativity and prosperity.

tim, Cadillac

What an amazing promo for the institution of ownership and free enterprise.

jim k, Austin, Tx

Government always gets in the way and things go South. Back in the days when the Duma ran everything from the top down, The Soviet Union had those great 5 year plans. They never worked so they would have a new 5 year plan about every 2 or 3 years.

E Archer, NYC

Statism, the worship of the State in whatever form whether communism, socialism, fascism, monarchy, etc. constantly works to make the individual powerless and dependent upon the State. You may be surprised to learn that government can dictate what you may or may not grow in your yard and whether you can collect rain water -- it may in fact be a crime to do so. You can bet that permission is required to do ANYTHING that will make you more self-sufficient. Real progress is not more statist solutions but individual production. Grow something!!


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