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“Society honors its living conformists and its dead troublemakers.”

~ Mignon McLaughlin

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Mike, Norwalk

(-; yeah, pretty much ;-)

cal, lewisville, tx

Too true!

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RBESRQ    12/3/09


Waffler, Smith

True generally. The native Americans were dirty savages until we killed them and then we erected statutes to them and said what great warriors they were. But never forget no matter how great they were we beat them so voila! ipso facto WE ,must be greater than they. Thus the stature is not to honor them so much as to honor us. A little like carrying your enemies head around on a stick.

Adam Smith, Franklin, Pa.

Waffler, that was damn good! For once I can agree with you!

Ken, MS
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Ken, MS    12/3/09

Yep! Troublemakers are what we're called when we try to get involved. Conformists, on the other hand, spend their time reading what others have said but never do anything about it.

E Archer, NYC

Leave it to Waffler to twist the meaning of this quote -- spoken like a true racist/conformist.

Waffler, Smith

Leave it to Archer to always react negatively to my comments. I like Adam's reaction better. Archer is the epitome of the knee jerk non-thinking man.

Becky, Illinois

I love this quote. Short, simple, accurate.

warren, olathe



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