Mollie Hemingway Quote

“It is a sad reminder that many in the media are not interested in journalism but progressive advocacy.”

~ Mollie Hemingway

Daily Caller, 18 July 2019

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Al, North Hollywood

Good to read some Hemingway!
”Santiago” would enjoy the imagery of doing a job the way it  is meant to be done-too many makos swimming around ruining what wasonce a proud occupation -a bit like fishing 

Mike, Norwalk

The context does not indicate what reminds while, the rest of the quote demonstrates an extremely accurate observation of the militarized propaganda arm of the occupying statist theocracy that infests this land.

chuck Woolery, Rockville

Its tragic when journalists advocate for progress.  They should just stick to informing us of the failed systems we keep trying to tweak...or pray that they go away. 


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