Napoleon BonaparteNapoleon Bonaparte, (1769-1821) French emperor

Napoleon Bonaparte Quote

“While I live I will never resort to irredeemable paper.”

Napoleon BonaparteNapoleon Bonaparte
~ Napoleon Bonaparte

(in the context of funding the government)

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anonymous    6/9/14

Pompous gibberish from one after whom a mental complex is aptly named.

Mike, Norwalk

Though he did have his short comings, you can't shoot the messenger here ! Economically speaking, he is right on ! ! !

jim k, austin tx

anonymous, you proved you're an idiot and a communist again. You never disappoint, comrade.

Ron w13, Or

That is for sure Mike, I suspect Jim's observation is ( highly ) accurate also ! ! :)

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Anonymous    5/15/21

Understanding context is important for quotes. Napoleon is referencing to the fiat failure of the French Assignat during the French Revolution.

Prior to the French Assignat, there was also the John Law and his Mississippi bubble.


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