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β€œIn a free society, standards of public morality can be measured only by whether physical coercion -- violence against persons or property -- occurs. There is no right not to be offended by words, actions or symbols.”

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Robert, Sarasota

But words are the cause of violence – for government to act forcibly they must first pass legislation - words. Common sense is the order of the day - if you insight violence through words then you are as much to blame as the assailant. Hitler used words to rally his support and the rest is history. The violence in our major religious books is without doubt the most insidious.

E Archer, NYC

There's more to it than that -- in order not to fear hateful words one must be confident in oneself and one's ability to defend oneself should words escalate into violence. But while words are just words, whoever throws the first punch (i.e. uses violence) is responsible for the action. If someone eggs you on with words, and you punch them in the nose, you have committed a crime, not the loud mouth. Freedom of speech includes the right to tell someone to go to hell.

Mike, Norwalk

Said well Archer. The liberal reasons given for control over their fellow man never cease to amaze me. There are many parts of the country where you only need be ethnically different, young, or just speaking against tyranny or the theft of property to be violently accosted by police and other government bullies (speaking from personal experience). The pursuit of atheism, and it's written justifications in the 20th Century, was more insidious than any religious texts previous. Hitler vain claimed an association to Christianity to assist his rise to power, Once there, he gave atheistic justification for torturing and killing millions of Jews and Christians. It was the physical coercion and violence against persons and property that measured the standard of public morality not atheism, Christianity, other religion, words, actions of a non-obtrusive nature, or symbols.

Jack, Green, OH

As a prominent gays and lesbians advocate the author should be familiar with all the verbal barbs and abuses, and know whereof he speaks. Words can easily incite the violence he deplores, however, and that's where the right to them ceases to exist.

Jack, Green, OH

I am curious what these insidious 20th century, atheistic writings are, Mike. Atheist simply do not believe in superstitions, the supernatural, Santa Claus or other fairy stories. Is that so insidious? Others can believe whatever they wish

Ken, Allyn, WA

"Others can believe whatever they wish" If only that were true. Too many atheists behave as if their non-belief itself is a religion and try to proselytize those who don't conform to their ideals. It always makes me wonder why so many atheists are such ardent non-believers that they would try to convert others. It would seem that it shouldn't matter to them what someone else's "superstitions" were (unless they weren't really all that sure of themselves).

warren, olathe

The key to the statement is the 'right not to be offended" part. This country is full of people on the left that thinks that their rights are violated if something offends them.

warren, olathe

Hitler was fulfilling the promises of Charles Darwin. As was Lenin and Stalin. Darwin predicted the blood bath and it happened and will continue to happen as long as we subscribe to the theory that he him self denounced years after putting it forth.

Mike, Norwalk

Jack, that was exactly my point. The religious beliefs of such individuals as Mao and Stalin were not insidious. It was the application of Atheism as a religion, with its anti-freedom / natural law, physical coercion and violence against persons / property that was so murderous and otherwise insidious. Your attempt to "simply" cherry pick a very select few of Atheism's dogmas (without even addressing a definition of Atheism) does not serve the subject matter with any level of integrity.

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anonymous    3/25/14

"There is no right not to be offended by words, actions or symbols."

Most people act as if they have no concept of this axiom.

"Words can easily incite the violence he deplores."

Only in cretins. Humans know inclination precedes actions.

jim k, austin tx

Read ' Hitlers Pope" and get the lowdown on Pope Pius XII. See how he paved the way for Hitler to pick on the Jews.

Ron w13, Or

Thank our founding fathers for their insight. Knowing the rise and fall of governments, based upon their behavior. Treatment of their citizens, brings about stability, or corruption and eventual fall. As with Rome and many more. Prosperity of management v. prosperity of labor. Short changing of labor has and always will be, the work of tyrants, thugs and banksters. Wanting something for nothing. Christian fundamentals and guiding principals of behavior, being that which is under siege, is a question of morality. Take a good look at what happens, when corrupt Elite push aside honesty and scruples for the bottom line. A society of whoremongers and thieves, that lack any integrity or self worth. Liars receive no respect and cannot be trusted at all ! Our symbolism brandished in the face of the world, convicts the very nature of tyrants. Thus the religious war rages with in our nation. It is a fool that says in his heart that there is no God ! Thank God for Washington, Jackson, and many more, knowing the enemy with in. If you like hookers in the window, if you like gay hookers in the window, if you like lesbian hookers in the window, Move to Germany or any other nation that condones such morbid, reprobate behavior. Leave our children alone. Especially the ( Corp Elite ) who with smiling faces and seductive behavior, tempt away the innocence of our youth.
I am not worth the gunpowder it would take to blow me into hell, But thanks be to God, that he explains my situation and offers a way out. Neither God or our Constitution is a respecter of persons. That tells me, no one else is worth the gunpowder it would take to blow them into hell. All must give an account. This place is going to burn, and there are no atheist on a sinking ship ! The dog returns to his vomit.!


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