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“Many academicians and self-styled intellectuals, with a habitually arrogant and condescending attitude, treat the rest of the world with contempt. These so-called 'intelligentsia' congratulate themselves for, not only having high IQs and lots of education in their particular fields, but for having achieved the allegedly momentous insight that free-market capitalism and pure altruism are ultimately incompatible (duh). Yet they're still too damned stupid to realize, and too damned ignorant to acknowledge, that altruism is NOT the only moral code available to mankind. (It is, in fact, the bloodiest and most regressive one of all). This stunted thinking has resulted in their committing the intellectual atrocity of rejecting the capitalism and freedom instead of the altruism and coercion.”

~ Rick Gaber

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E Archer, NYC

Just listen to the stories coming out of American colleges and universities these days. The Ivy League schools are completely in the tank to pump out more authoritarians that further the centralization of power and monopolies in the fields of medicine, law, government, education, energy, and of course banking. We must ever obey the authorities in these fields -- no matter how corrupt they have become. The empowerment of the ruling class at the expense of the common people has been the racket for the last 100 years.

Mike, Norwalk

By observation, most of today's academicians and self-styled intellectuals gravitate to a religious altruism antithetical to natural law, liberty and individual sovereign rights.

jim k, austin

Politicians are champions of altruism when it's other peoples' money.

Cal, Lewisville, Texas

I never even liked it when my own folks would tell me how they knew what was best for me, much less government.

Tony L., Silver Spring, Md

The question is do they do it out of altruism or does their arrogance lead to a desire to exert power and control over others?


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