Benjamin FranklinBenjamin Franklin, (1706-1790) US Founding Father

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“Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote!”

Benjamin FranklinBenjamin Franklin
~ Benjamin Franklin

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david cheny, nj

Fabricated quote. It cannot be sourced to Franklin at all. Appears many places on the internet, but not mentioned in one legit primary source or by one Franklin scholar.

E Archer, NYC

Whether questionably attributed or not, I agree.

Devon, Edmonton, AB

E Archer said everything I needed to say.

JT Ready, Mesa, AZ

Liberalism- 45,000 sheeple lying down wetting themselves waiting to get executed instead of growing some fangs and fighting back against one sick and demented Korean wolf with two handguns.

Logan, Memphis, TN

Agreed with Archer. A quick and simple glimpse into history proves that democracy was avoided at all costs in creating our Constitutional Republic. The original Constitution Republic poses no threat to our current form of government.

Anonymous, Reston, VA US

What we learn from the above comments is that we should persue violent solutions to problems rather than peacable ones, that quotes don't need to be valid to be venerated and that those with guns feel that they can rule from a minority position... says quite a bit about the worship of the concept of might making right...

helorat, Milton

The quote may not be authentic, but the sentiment conveyed is 100% correct! A, Reston why don't you move to some socialist workers paradise like North Korea and pedal your BS. You can['t be an American for any other reason then accident of birth.

Mike, Norwalk

I don't know where cheny was looking but, I've found the quote in more than 1 legitimate biography of Franklin. As for A from Reston (AfR) it is the foundation of a democracy that the majority (might) makes right. I can see AfR is a little more than confused again ;-). When Ben Franklin was asked what kind of government they had given the world, he replied a republic if you can keep it

Joe, Rochester, MI

Self-defense is violent and aggression is peaceful??? As with most liberal-socialist thought, it's backwards. Self-defense is to prevent violence, not pursue it. It doesn’t get more violent than two wolves quartering a lamb at lunch. Reston is obviously one of the wolves who wants lamb for lunch, and is upset that the lamb won’t voluntarily sacrifice itself for the greater good ... his good, certainly not the lamb's good. Reston’s scheme is to eat lunch first, THEN let the lamb challenge the decision. Oh yeah, there won’t be a lamb to protest after lunch. Problem solved, eh Reston? It’s too bad the authenticity is suspect with this great quote.

Joe, Rochester, MI

Reston, I don't carry a concealed pistol with the intent to harm anyone ... I carry to prevent (or stop) violence against me. If only agents of the government have the might, then they must be right? Like the Nazi's, or KGB, or Communist China, eh Reston??? Each of these very helpful agents murdered millions of souls.

Ken, Allyn, WA

Democracy is when 51% gets to be lord and master of 49%: fifty-one kings for forty-nine peasants. You would be better off in a monarchy where you only have one king to please.

justice prevails, san diego CA

A nation, which can prefer appeasement over danger is prepared for a master, and deserves one -Alexander Hamilton Give up your dreams of freedom because to save your own skin, you are willing to make a deal with your [terrorist] masters -Ronald Reagan Is life so dear or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take, but as for me, GIVE ME LIBERTY, OR GIVE ME DEATH! -Patrick Henry

Lauren, Orem, Utah

Mike, why don't you give the source of the quote? I like it, but would like to know a credable source.

J Kosch, David City, Ne

A great quote.

Paul, Burke, Va.

Joe, You hit the nail on the head.

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krz    4/10/08
JR, Aiken, SC

Joe from Rochester hit the nail on the head. Hard to explain any simpler.

Bilim ve Edebiyat, San Diego

Nothing more to say

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Jim    2/16/09

Way to go Joe

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Anonymous    5/27/09

What i wanted gun quotes

Chuck, NC
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Chuck, NC    8/2/09

Great quote regardless who said it.

intrepidorator, Oklahoma

The quote is both wise and timely

Johhny, Humper

Boy i want to eat my own jib now that you sat on my noodle muffin you jerry mullins of a bun bittering woozle

constitution, penn

Aldridge: ask me not who makes thateir laws, for i do not care. whoever rules the money system in government , makes its laws. follow the money

O. Delusional Liberal

I've never heard this last part of the quote. Is it authentic?

Angela Allen, Dunnville, KY

I think your view on this quote alters based on whether you consider yourself in a wolf position or a lamb's. Personally, I'd rather be a well-armed lamb than a fat wolf. :)

Lynn, Dallas

Actually the quote is quoted wrongly it's not lunch it's dinner and YES it is a BF quote.

Kenlaw, Abilene, Tx

So a guy with a gun who does not like what the City Council approves can shoot those who try to administer a law he believes is wrong or tyrannical or not in his best interest?

J Carlton, Calgary

Get Real Kenlaw! The Second Amendment is about "protecting" Constitutional rights. If City Council is making Un-Constitutional laws they aren't laws - get it? can figure the rest out, right?

Tommy, Dallas

Cyber bullies prefer insult to intellect.

Ronw13, Oregon

Benjamin Franklin was anything but, a bully. An Absolute Common Sense Genius ! Peter carried a sword in the garden, Paul wished they were even "cut off" that trouble you. Israel, likened unto the sheep, are armed to the teeth. So also the fold in America, Patriots used votes rather than bullets this time around. The wolves are scattering. The sheep are pissed off. Logan's comment adds level headed perspective.

Mick, Manchester

"More Americans have died from guns in the US since 1968 than on battlefields of all the wars in American history" there is much to admire about America but your gun laws are a sick f*****g joke

Jim K, Austin

I like it.

Jim K, Austin

Mike Manchester, More crime, and murders are committed where gun laws are stricter. Take Chicago for instance.

Mick, Manchester

Jim K, please define 'stricter' your argument would only hold water if Chicago is a gun free enclave which I'm sure it isn't. The USA national obsession with gun ownership seems completely irrational based on a mass paranoia, the inviolability of the constitution and the power and influence of arms manufacturers and NRA.

E Archer, NYC

Mick, don't fall for the propaganda -- I am sure Americans have plenty of misconceptions about England by reading the British press without real life experience. Many foreigners coming to visit NYC ask to see my gun and how many people I have had to shoot. ;-)

It is true -- the cities with the strictest gun laws have the highest incidents of gun-related deaths, AND those with open carry laws have the LOWEST rates of gun violence.

This year's crime stats are skewed because of all the racial protests and violence associated with Soros' Black Lives Matter movement.

100 million gun owners did NOT harm anyone with a gun this month -- and it will be the same month after month. Again, the silent majority will be heard from if you attempt to take away their power to defend themselves -- and they will be armed. Why be surprised?


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