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“The jury possesses a general veto power and may acquit when it has no sympathy for the Government’s case, no matter how overwhelming the evidence of guilt. A jury acquittal is final and unreviewable; a judge may not direct a jury to convict or vacate an acquittal, nor may a prosecutor appeal an acquittal on grounds of judicial error or erroneous jury determination.”

~ Lieutenant Commander Robert E. Korroch

Lieutenant Commander Robert E. Korroch and Major Michael J. Davidson, (LCDR Korroch serves with the U.S. Coast Guard; B.S., U.S. Coast Guard Academy (1981); J.D., Marshall-Wythe School of Law, College of William and Mary 1988) (Maj. Davidson serves with the U.S. Army Judge Advocate General Corps, Litigation Division), in Jury Nullification: A Call for Justice or an Invitation to Anarchy?, 139 MIL. L. REV. 131 (1993).

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Mary MI
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Mary MI    2/1/12
Wayne, Naples

Most of us who have been called for jury duty are likely not aware that we have that power.

Mike, Norwalk

Real nice in theory (the way it should actually be) but, I've personally heard and seen judges threaten juries while directing them to find the defendant guilty. That is but one of the violations of the quote that I've witnessed.

J Carlton, Calgary

"has no sympathy for the Government's case"...Should apply to all income tax trials.

E Archer, NYC

One person really can make a difference -- acquit anyone who has violated a statute that you believe is not right -- it is your right and duty. To be put in jail for a few days in contempt of court is a small price to pay for defeating tyranny.


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