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“Let no man think we can deny civil liberty to others and retain it for ourselves. When zealous agents of the Government arrest suspected “radicals” without warrant, hold them without prompt trial, deny them access to counsel and admission of bail....we have shorn the Bill of Rights of its sanctity...”

~ Robert M. Lafollette, Sr.

The Progressive, March 1920

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Joe, Rochester, MI

Congress ignores the Bill of Rights as they see fit.

Mike, Norwalk

The four branches of government (the propaganda arm that is the press, being here recognized as the forth branch) have all denied liberty, civil and otherwise, and shorn the Bill of Rights of its sanctity.

Robert, Sarasota

Excellent! perhaps Fox News should have this as their motto. Everyone have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

E Archer, NYC

And that is exactly what the President has done with the recent Miltary Commissions Act -- the writ of habeas corpus is no longer necessary to arrest and detain indefinitely without trial or counsel! A more blatant act of tyranny I cannot imagine. I do not see how ANY conservative could support such an act. It is absolutely fascism.

David L Rosenthal

Although such acts are tyrannical, even more blatant acts of tyranny are committed daily. Could anyone inform me as to the figures with respect to actual detainees under the Military Commissions Act or other violations of habeus corpus? Or as to where I could find those figures?

Mike, Norwalk

David LOL, LOL, LOL. Now that's the point exactly, isn't it. Since people are held without charge, bail, right to habeas corpus, or record of any kind, it is impossible for any of the statistics you've request to come forth. I'm sure you remember I have a very close friend that was held and now I know of another individual (neither case terrorist related - only alluded to) If there weren't a whole slew of attorneys involved, those 2 would possibly still be in jail.

Mike, Norwalk

David, to get arrested, have you done anything Constitutional like drive an unregistered vehicle as an unlicensed operator, run a red light when it would not infringe on anyone's right of way, not pay income tax, go into a grocery with a holstered gun, go into the local chapter of ACLU and demand to start their meeting with prayer (not really, I had to throw that one in for giggles), or go into court pleading your straw man?

David L Rosenthal

Mike: I answered your question earlier on the page dedicated to one of today's other quotes. Constitutional? Yes. Weapons related? See my answer on the other page. Straw man? I have gone into court clutching at a straw...

Me Again
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Me Again    11/23/06

Well, I guess we have shorn the Bill of Rights of it's sanctity. Now what?

Forrestt, Stonington

it makes sense!

watchman 13, USA

Pray to the Creator, for more Divine Providence. That is the God of nature , the God of the KJB. One other trick, make it be for mercy ! That is, if you don't really believe, then maybe.


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