Ronald ReaganRonald Reagan, (1911-2004) 40th US President

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“There is no limit to what you can accomplish if you don't care who gets the credit.”

Ronald ReaganRonald Reagan
~ Ronald Reagan

Sign on his desk

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Dave Burton, Cary, NC

Reagan was a giant figure, who literally reshaped the world. He mastered a job that conventional wisdom said was too big for any one man. He was easily the most underrated President of the 20th Century.

Dave Burton, Carym NC

...and he didn't care who got the credit,

ronnieleblanc, Sheridan, WY

I understand this was said by him in 1981, but is this quote originally by Ronald Reagan? I heard it's from Marie (Hines?). Now in 2006, Democrat Governor Dave Freudenthal of WY is saying it's his!

Dave King, Utah

Great quote. I've found it attributed to Harry Truman, but chances are it is not even his original.

Dave Fafarman, El Sobrante, CA

Sometimes a great quote gets attributed to the person who makes it visible and relevant, rather than to the originator. The person associated with the words may not even have ever heard them before. These words sum up the spirit of Reagan.

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Anonymous    1/5/08

the quote is by harry truman

Editor, Liberty Quotes

LOL, Anonymous!! I guess you didn't heed the quote, and thus gave it thumbs down because it wasn't credited to Truman. I am still laughing. The quote was on a sign on Reagan's desk -- I do not know if Truman said it or not. Cheers.

Michele, Belsano, PA

My husband was so inspired by this quote, that he used it during his Sunday morning preaching! I think I will have to have it engraved and put on his desk for Christmas!

Diane Reed, Paso Robles

I went to the Reagan Museum.... and in the tour, they said that he loved the quote and left it on his desk for future presidents. I don't think he authored it but he lived it!

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Anonymous    4/5/09

The point is in WHAT IT SAYS, not who said it or who claims so-and-so said it. Besides which, just because Reagan liked it so much doesn't mean he claimed authorship, and he certainly couldn't control whomever might say that he said it... egads.

Karl Casserly, Valley stream

The quote was apparently made by Ralph Waldo Emerson. A good friend of mine who kept it as part of his signature found it at:

eddie, Diamond Bar, California

Ronald Reagan was an idiot who brought our national debt from 8 billion dollars to the debts we have today. The 2 greatest Presidents were Jimmy Carter and William Jefferson Clinton (the only president who balanced the budget). Clinton mastered the job and was so successful the jealous rebublicans had to resort to sending a whore to suck his cock to get him out of office. The republicans just can not beat Bill Clinton in an election. Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton are the 2 most powerful men in the world today. George Bush was a great joke.

Don, Dallas

Great quote. For all of you trying to determine it's origin, wouldn't it be hypocritical of the person who originally said the quote to claim credit for it?

Don, Dallas

Can we get Eddie, Diamond Bar to give us more of his insights?

Joel, East Alton, IL

Eddie, what a brilliant man you must be. I am so thankful for your astute political insight. Where have you been all of my life. I had no idea that the Republican Party was responsible for so many of President Clinton's actions. But now I know! Thank you so much!

Wilbur, St. Louis

It's interesting to note that one of the greatest presidents of the 20th century could be tricked by a whore willing to give him a blow job. I hope getting a nuclear missle off is more difficult than getting yourself off. And, I thought after a 2nd term you couldn't be president anymore. Thanks eddie. I think you taught a lot of people why we need the Tea Party.

Randy Sutton, Lakeport, CA, USA

When I was in high school in the early 1960s my father had this quote on his desk attributed to Dwight D. Eisenhower. Dad said that the quote is from Ike when he was the Commander of the Joint Allied Invasion Force in Europe, WWII, before being elected to be President of the USA.

Chris Busto, Chicago, IL

amazing. Reagan was truly our greatest leader for this generation. A God-send for our country. We desparately need another Reagan.

Anonymous, Derby

I think Reagan was a dumbar$e pos and the worst thing to ever inhabit the whitehouse.

Sarah Stewart, Simi Valley, CA

I know there are different variations of this, but I believe this is the complete quote which is on the replica sign that is on the desk in the Oval Office in the Ronald Reagan Presidental Library here in Simi Valley, CA....."There is no limit to what a man can do or where he can go if he doesn’t mind who gets the credit".

Sarah Stewart, Simi Valley, CA

...oh and Anoymous in Derby...? Thanks for all the evidence and facts to back up your insightful opinion. Why are you looking up Reagan quotes when you have deep seeded issues and a distain for the good he did in his Presidency?....and "dumbar$e pos" is not a word. Thank you!

Lynn, Alexandria, VA

I found the original quote was from Ralph Waldo Emerson - which makes sense!

Andrea Sitler PhD, Kemp

Truman said it first but Reagan had the plaque and it is whom these generations recall as being the orator of the words.

2smartforlibs, flyover country

I can see there are poor diluted fools on here. Comparing Carter, Clinton, or Obama to Reagan. The three aren't worthy to carry the Reagans lunch

Ron, Ames, IA

“There is no limit to the good you can do if you don’t care who gets the credit.”
- General George C. Marshall

Patrick Henry, Red Hill

In the absence of humility, an impossibility.

jim k, austin

2smartforlibs, your comment is right on target.

Ronw13, OR
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Ronw13, OR    1/12/18

So said the author to the publisher. :)

E Archer, NYC

This is one of the reasons I think the world carries on without the dictates of our rulers -- the world is run by the People, while the 'leaders' claim the credit. The entirety of politics is about convincing the People they aren't responsible -- "you didn't build that."

jim k, austin

I'm convinced that liberalism is a mental disease.

Anonymous, Cambridge, New Zealand

This was the exact quote made by Ben Franklin - along time ago. I am surprised President Ronald Reagan allowed this fact to change to his benefit. Geoff Heathcock


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