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Patrick Henry, Red HillPatrick Henry, Red Hill
Patrick Henry, Red Hill

The perfection of government is self government, under the aegis and tutelage of Virtue.

Lamentably, worldly hierarchies are, characteristically, loveless and lawless, by their unnaturally natural natures.

As Thomas Paine expressed it:

"The palaces of kings are built on the bowers of the ruins of paradise."

Patrick Henry, Red Hill

Altruism is altruism only in the absence of coercion.

Patrick Henry, Red Hill

As Justice John Marshall and Daniel Webster expressed it:

“An unlimited power to tax involves, necessarily, a power to destroy,” 17 U.S. 327 (1819).

Objectively, necessarily, the burden of government is measured not only by expenditure but by taxation.

Patrick Henry, Red Hill

How is intelligence to be defined?

By a faculty for the acquisition of knowledge?

By mental capacity?

Intelligence, which is understanding, according to the word's etymology, is perfected in objectivity and humility.

The pride of Fallen Man, which is his fatal flaw, is the signal impediment to the process of the perfecting of his what ought to be rooted in understanding intelligence.

Patrick Henry, Red Hill

The sublime character of true education is revealed in the etymology of the word education:

From the Latin e ducere:

To draw(forth), lead

Educate to liberate, indoctrinate to subjugate. 

Patrick Henry, Red Hill

As it is written:

" As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he..."

~ Proverbs 23:7

 Sovereignty of mind is the sine qua non of a Sovereign life.

Patrick Henry, Red Hill

Conserved, not hidden, and unconstrainedly, but graciously, communicated.

Patrick Henry, Red Hill

The prerequisite to the viability of a conceived in Liberty and dedicated to the proposition that All Men are created Equal society is the unvarnished Truth, not polished lies.

Patrick Henry, Red Hill

In this shamefully shameless and shamelessly shameful day, the acutely narcissistic/exhibitionistic among us are more than content to be the facilitators of their being surveilled ...

Patrick Henry, Red Hill

Doubt, in itself, is hardly the sine qua non of freedom of thought.

Profound doubt, delimited by fear doubt that is, objectively, morbid in character, can so constrain thought as to render free inquiry, which is the true sine qua non of freedom of thought, an impossibility.

Patrick Henry, Red Hill

Those who are reasonable, generally, regard resorts to the use of force as being measures of last resort.

Those who are morally and ethically incapacitated cannot but be intellectually stultified, and are, in their accordant unreasononableness, reflexive in their resorts to the use of force.

The most certain measure, perhaps, of moral, ethical and, by natural extension, intellectual incapacitation, and an attendant inability to win an intellectual argument, is an impulsive propensity for the use of force.

Patrick Henry, Red Hill

Precisely that order from which our Noblemen of Nature Founders sought to deliver us, and that order which the oxymoronically designated "progressives" are endeavoring to reestablish in the midst of their morbidly pursuing the reconstitution of the tyrannical ancien regime.

Patrick Henry, Red Hill

A Creator conferred, unalienable Right that is inestimable to a Free People and formidable to tyrants and tyrants-in-waiting only.

Patrick Henry, Red Hill

Well did Silent Cal understand the Wisdom of the passage:

" Be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath ..."

~ James 1:19

Patrick Henry, Red Hill

In the absence of Virtue, there exists, necessarily, an absence of equity.

The fault resides neither in the Constitution nor in the stars, but in ourselves.

Patrick Henry, Red Hill

As the Puritan Divine, Thomas Manton, expressed it:

" A family is the seminary of church and state; and if children be not well principled there, all miscarrieth ..."

Ultimately, the immense responsibility of the right rearing and education of children rightly resides not with legislators and magistrates but with parents, whose solemn obligation it is to so rear them as to equip them to become Sovereign Individuals.

Patrick Henry, Red Hill

The ultimate guarantor of the viability and vigor of the Constitution is the Virtue of We The People.

In the absence from the People of animating Virtue and of attendant understanding, the noblest work of Man, of its kind, the Constitution of the United States, is, effectively, rendered moot.

Patrick Henry, Red Hill

Facts, as elements of knowledge,
are, necessarily, subordinate to Truth, by which they must be illumined and informed, to the extent to which they are to be practically useful.

Patrick Henry, Red Hill

Fidelity to Reality and attendant discernment make the defining difference.

In this day of infidelity to Reality and of dramatically diminished and further diminishing discernment, a shameless prevaricator need only be charismatically persuasive, in his or her ability to cultivate frailties of fallen human character, to experience "success".

Acuity of memory is hardly a factor, much less a necessity.

Patrick Henry, Red Hill

To dwell in the realm of the Truth is to experience the perfection of Freedom.

To the Sovereign Individual, doing so is Life itself.

Patrick Henry, Red Hill

The essence of honesty is the earnest acknowledgment of the veracity of:

"The fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom and the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding."

~ Proverbs 9:10

Patrick Henry, Red Hill

Necessarily, commonly, the Truth brings with it a great measure of condemnation.

If that were not true, the evasion of it would not be the innovatively studious pursuit of multitudes of persons.

Generally, absolution is begotten by repentance, which is born of remorse, which is conceived in those who, under the aegis of the tutelage of Truth, have been compelled to acknowledge their culpability, a conviction that proceeds from the realization of the presence of looming condemnation.

Patrick Henry, Red Hill

Lying is calculated inaccuracy, malign by its very nature.

Inaccuracy that is not a matter of calculation is not malign, but can be
irksome, no doubt.

Patrick Henry, Red Hill

Can it be said of an individual who lies to himself?

Patrick Henry, Red Hill

The Truth, which is Self Existent and perfectly consistent, requires no rehearsal.

Generally, that which requires calculated rehearsal is not Truth.

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