Ronald ReaganRonald Reagan, (1911-2004) 40th US President

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“We developed at the local school district level probably the best public school system in the world. Or it was until the Federal government added Federal interference to Federal financial aid and eroded educational quality in the process.”

Ronald ReaganRonald Reagan
~ Ronald Reagan

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warren, olathe

Dead on. As I have been saying myself but not as well put as Reagan. We need another. Quick.

Dana, Lincoln

Very true.

E Archer, NYC

'Free education' -- you get what you pay for. The smartest kids are those that read on their own and form their own opinions. Hail the rebel!

b dornth, Phoenix, AZ

One must know what they want, work for it, and when it is obtained, one must continue to work even harder to hold onto it. It seems that the next generation does not want to work for what they want, even if they knew what it was they wanted, they don't know how to work for it or work to keep it.

Dave Wilber, St. Louis MO

NEVER forget that "free education in public schools" (indoctrination) is one of the ten planks of Marx's Communist Manifesto. All ten planks were enforced HERE by bankers, lawyers, judges and journalists before we lost 110,000 of our best in Asia under the pretext oh "halting communist expansion" and Ronald Reagan said we got the income tax from Karl Marx. Yes, we also got real estate and inheritance tax from those ten planks. See all ten at: Also see all books there by Merrill Jenkins, Monetary Realist, all free except "Money" The Greatest Hoax On Earth.

J Carlton, Calgary

The government never "gives" any one any thing that they didn't steal in the first place. And they don't give anyone anything without an expectation of a return of some kind....

motorod, San Diego, CA

When Reagan was Governor of California he slashed the educational budget destroying the best state educational system in the country.

Mike, Norwalk

I don't know about the statement's "probably" but, one of the better educational systems (never as good as home or private). California was one of the leaders in the dumbing down of Amerika. The occupying statist theocracy now infesting this land (local to national government) with its/their statist controlled theocratic seminaries (government schools) have redefined words (such as law is now nothing more than the carnal god's canons and ideology emotionalism; freedom and liberty now means entitlement and license, etc.); and, instead of an accurate history, math, the sciences, etc., the instruction is now promotion of an evolution of PC.

Jim K, Austin

Right on J Carlton.

Ronw13, Oregon

Left, moderate, center, moderate, right. All are socialist but one. Indoctrination of secular humanistic socialism in the public educational system is WHY, President Trump was elected. To root out discord, dismantle statist interference with our children lives, Bringing and restoring Light to the Truth concerning our inalienable rights ordained by God our Creator. Placing in Order sound doctrine and the rule of natural law. Liberty, this thing was not done in a corner to be hid. But rather High on the Hill were we find our Tree of Liberty. The leveling of the ground, removing the chains from the pulpit. every class has one.


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