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“Freedom is always and exclusively freedom for the one who thinks differently.”

~ Rosa Luxemburg

The Russian Revolution

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watchman 13, USA

There again, their brand of socialized freedom only spreads more unionized work forces, bringing about mob rule. They like to say freedom to the workers, but like the cartels to our south, they bring prostitution and degrading behavior, drugs and thugs, just as was brought into the east coast at the turn of the last century. We do not need another Amsterdam, but perhaps NYC and other cities that have so little moral restraint, wish to embrace their perverted behavior, Live and let live is not a good creed to follow if you wish to protect a morally upright family unit, of our design under our Republic founded upon moral uprightness. In the old days you would run them out of town, or back across the ocean to where they came from. Do it there not here.!

Mike, Norwalk

Freedom of thought is an inherent and foundational element of a much broader and greater freedom. An existence at liberty requires a freedom at law (inclusive of thought). Freedom, when used as a term of art (by way of example, the quote above) is more often than not an exercise in destruction, poverty, pain, despotism and tyranny. (the current Amerika for example).

E Archer, NYC

Not shooting the messenger, but Rosa Luxemburg is right. Freedom includes the right to think wrongly. ;-) Communism when voluntarily practiced in a community of like-minded people can work quite well, actually. But compelled collectivism of any kind naturally breeds contempt and has never in the history of the world been able to last. Marx is free to express his ideas, and I should be free to disagree with them.

Mike, Norwalk

Archer, you are right about thinking - and your points are well made. Thinking is one thing and acting upon those thoughts is an entirely different thing. To think the same or differently than another falls under inalienable rights. The brief stand alone excerpt above limits freedom's total scope to thinking differently. Within said narrow parameters, the question arises, 'thinks differently' than what or whom ? Is thinking the same, non or anti-freedom ?

watchman 13, USA

Yes, claim jumpers usually smile to your face, while their partners comes from behind and nock you in the head and steal what is yours.!! Conmen say one thing, and do another, just like a crooked used car salesman. The simple walk in and are taken in the trap. That is why we hire a Sheriff to run them out of town. Unless we do it ourselves. Old story just new players in a bigger town, called our nation. Unawares brought in long ago to spy out our liberty and freedom should have never been allowed, not for one hour to set up shop. To wish to perpetuate a slave state by giving quarter to your enemy is turning a blind eye to the one that will kill you ! Such as allowing our enemy to enlist in our Armed Forces. This current administration and its leaders are very determined to destroy the last of the individualist for good, and the blood that runs in our veins. Just as on a foreign shore in a country were there is no fear of God before their eyes. Through emigrational overburden and the sanctioning of all the perverted behavior they wish to force upon us, We are for peace, but they are for war, against the upright to steal away our right to be morally upright in our guarded community. To even speak on there behalf as to condone their behavior after the thought which shows their intention, is lukewarm standing. But from a lawyers stand point if he takes pay from the good and bad, he does a disservice to that which is good. Only perpetuation the apostasy that grips the country and the world.


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