Rudolph J. RummelRudolph J. Rummel, (1932-2014) Professor of political science, University of Hawaii

Rudolph J. Rummel Quote

“Political scientists almost everywhere have promoted the expansion of government power. They have functioned as the clergy of oppression.”

Rudolph J. RummelRudolph J. Rummel
~ Rudolph J. Rummel

Death by Government, 1995

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Mike, Norwalk

"Clergy of oppression" is a very accurate and descriptive illumination of the subject matter. The sciences of biology, climate, mathematics, physics, chemistry, etc. formal science, natural science, etc. have all been reduce to political science with little to no reliance on fact or truth.

E Archer, NYC

The belief in the supremacy of the State is the religion of Power, practiced diligently by statists, socialists, communists, fascists, and all those that benefit from the yoking of capital and labor.


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