Samuel AdamsSamuel Adams, (1722-1803), was known as the "Father of the American Revolution."

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“A standing army, however necessary it may be at some times, is always dangerous to the liberties of the people. Such power should be watched with a jealous eye.”

Samuel AdamsSamuel Adams
~ Samuel Adams

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Mike, Norwalk

Standing armies are dangerous to liberty, especially when they are used to police the world in nation building. They promote and justify such atrocities as torture and assassination (even on its own citizens - as example: the occupying statist theocracy that is infesting the once land of the free and home of the brave).

J Carlton, Calgary

The only place America needs an actual standing army is on its own southern border. The Coast Gaurd, Border Patrol and Reserve should be able to take care of the rest...until it becomes necessary to once again stand an army that is...

1776 Liberal Whig, Boston

This quote is a misquote.
The real quote is ...... A standing Army, however necessary it may be at some times, is always dangerous to the Liberties of the People. Samuel Adams 1776
The Writings of Samuel Adams Vol III page 250

Mike, Norwalk

1776 Liberal Whig, Your correction was identical to the Liberty-Tree's posting except for the second sentence. Was that your dilemma? AND, why the thumb's down? There were no local police in the States united until 1844 (New York City) as such was considered a standing army to carry-out the dictates of tyranny. Of course the socialists of Boston soon followed suit. Now that the fears of those early liberty seekers have been proven so accurate, is that what you are so displeased with?

jim k, Austin

Well said Mike,

E Archer, NYC

Aren't today's police forces a standing army?  We have been under martial law for over a month with the police enforcing the quarantine of healthy people during this Wu Flu pandemic.  The death totals still are under 2019 flu deaths, yet the entire nation has been shut down.  This is a manufactured crisis, and if it weren't for the standing army, people could get on with their lives. 

Authoritarian regimes need crisis and scarcity so that the people are powerless and dependent on government.  No one is talking about the trillions of new fiat currency being pumped into circulation  a central banker's dream.  People may not be able to go back to work unless they get a flu shot  big pharma's dream.  Mail-in voting may be implemented for the elections  the Democrat's dream.  Never let a crisis go to waste, right?  I for one am tired of Chicken Little and Henny Penny commanding a standing army over us!


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