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“The jury has the right to determine both the law and the facts.”

~ Samuel Chase


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Mike, Norwalk

again, simple and to the point.

jim k, Austin, Texas

You will never hear a judge tell this to a jury, and that's a shame.

anon, anon

Been watching the courts work kangaroo style for over 30 years, either we the people stand up and speak out or surely soon ALL freedoms will be gone, and we will find ourselves living in a total police state [which is about how it is now] The constitution is the answer. One thing i have learned, NEVER take a "DEAL" NEVER let a judge decide your fate. Put your faith in the jury, state your case and rely on 12 people, not a jaded judge.

E Archer, NYC

Something every citizen of the world should know. I understand that the new EU court is not trial by jury but trial by judge... boy, is Europe screwed!

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RBESRQ    9/15/10

Archer, you forget the Supreme Court's

Mike, Norwalk

(-: Robert, good point . . . boy, is America screwed! ;-) Archer is right though, the Supreme Court won't hear many cases except on appeal. AND, the sovereign jurors can let their servants (all judges, justices, the world) know just what the law and facts are.

Ken, Allyn, WA

You certainly won't hear those words pass a judges lips in front of a jury. I, however, make it a point when I'm on jury duty to print out quotes from case law and supreme court decisions, etc., and leave them buried in the magazine pile in the jury room. They get cleared away pretty quickly, but I always have more. I'm sure it would be good for at least a couple of days in the county lockup if they ever figured out who was doing it.


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