Simmons v. U.S. Quote

“We find it intolerable that one constitutional right should have to be surrendered in order to assert another.”

~ Simmons v. U.S.

390 US 389 (1968)

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Mike, Norwalk

Concerning but one aspect of the above case, Benjamin Franklin said earlier, "Those who wish to sacrifice liberty for perceived security, deserve neither."

J Carlton, Calgary

I think its important to note that when dealing with tyrants, Washington did not choose to use his right to free speech, he shot them.

Mike, Norwalk

(-; J Carlton, you've made my day, I'm going to smile all day ;-)

J Carlton, Calgary

Glad I could help brighten the day. :)

E Archer, NYC

Remember that, do-gooders.

cal, lewisville, tx

I appreciate that quote also, J Carlton.

Elisabeth, Astoria, NY

I think these insights are remarkable. The Founding Fathers did not leave any discrepancy between the articles of the Constitution, therefore it is not acceptable at all that one be surrendered in order to assert another.

E Archer, NYC

Where is 'hate speech' defined in the Constitution?  This is a European socialist concept.  Is 'hate' now a crime?  Who is to judge, and what is the punishment?  There certainly appear to be many exceptions that allow rioters to violently protest against 'hate' all the while exhibiting the most hateful displays and actions.  This is to censor and punish those that do not parrot the party line — how has the party of tolerance become so intolerant?  It is war, pure and simple, for your mind.

Ronw13, OR

Very strong statement Carlton, Washington's sentiments were very clear. Many things can be said about those that group for Light in a dark world. More to point, those, that are set to point and "run the race" for Liberty. Darkness being slavery in its many forms. With the Spirit of Sovereignty being projected, there is also the Adding factor of That Spirit, in actions through grace. Spiritual warfare is at the root of salvation from oppression. Liars deny the darkness within, their own "personal,private beliefs of right and wrong, all the while being held captive by that which the Lie is, also held in captivity. Corrupted stewards having sport with the captive  


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