Sophocles Quote

“Without labor nothing prospers.”

~ Sophocles

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Mike, Norwalk

An astute observation in the obvious.

Ronw13, Yachats Or

Great festivals, such as Dionysos Lenaios. An old tradition carried on well today. Eleusinian mysteries play out. Tiberius Gracchus comes to mind. A plebeian tribune, tried to implement agrarian legislation so valuable to Liberty. Highly prized to the Roman Republic, till its fall. Little do the people know of such battles for Liberty, amongst old factions. The same today.Tiberius Gracchus was murdered also. As for the quote, wage slaves are included.

E Archer, NYC

I soon learned that my property continues to require some labor on my part, otherwise, it may fall into disrepair or be lost.  It takes power to keep power.  It is a constant cycle, eat or be eaten.


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