Stanley Forman ReedStanley Forman Reed, (1884-1980) Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States

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“The nation relies upon public discussion as one of the indispensable means to attain correct solutions to problems of social welfare. Curtailment of free speech limits this open discussion. Our whole history teaches that adjustment of social relations through reason is possible when free speech is maintained.”

Stanley Forman ReedStanley Forman Reed
~ Stanley Forman Reed

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Mike, Norwalk

There is a sliver of accuracy that runs through the quote that attempts to bolster a lie that is a whole of tyrannous enslavement. By example, there is here offered an incongruous comparison – free speech equals attainment of social welfare’s correct solutions. No mention is given here of liberty at natural law, the secular limitation on bodies politic or, restrictions on representatives duties administering a sovereign’s inalienable rights.

jim k, Austin

Free speech is just fine until it hurts some college snowflakes feelings.

E Archer, NYC

Yes, but as Mike has said, the argument does not acknowledge that Liberty is the premise rather than public discourse.  Free speech is used to lay claim to others all the time  we should be able to refute it and ignore it.  "Maintaining" free speech also props up lies as not all that is spoken is true.  Who is to do the 'maintaining'?  'Social welfare' is also a buzz word for 'statism' as there needs to be someone to manage the welfare of society.


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