Thomas ErskineThomas Erskine, (1750-1823) Lord Chancellor of England

Thomas Erskine Quote

“When men can freely communicate their thoughts and their sufferings, real or imagined, their passions spend themselves in air, like gunpowder scattered upon the surface – but pent up by terrors, they work unseen, burst forth in a moment, and destroy everything in its course. Let reason be opposed to reason, and argument to argument, and every good government will be safe.”

Thomas ErskineThomas Erskine
~ Thomas Erskine

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Mike, Norwalk

I like it a lot within the scope of its focus. Because the process described by the quote has its limiting and carnal basis in man's god like ability to create natural law, I only rated it with 3 stars.

E Archer, NYC

Let the truth be told to be put to the test.


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