Thomas SowellThomas Sowell, (1930- ) Writer and economist

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β€œTo those who feel that their values are THE values, the less controlled systems necessarily present a spectacle of "chaos," simply because such systems respond to a diversity of values. The more successfully such systems respond to diversity, the more "chaos" there will be, by definition, according to the standards of ANY specific set of values- other than diversity or freedom as values. Looked at another way, the more self-righteous observers there are, the more chaos (and "waste") will be seen.”

Thomas SowellThomas Sowell
~ Thomas Sowell

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Mike, Norwalk

Way too accurate, way too often. By example: the most self-righteous of the occupying statist theocracy infesting this land claim their despotic enforcement of compelled compliance, government licenses, victimless crimes, larceny with impunity (2nd plank of the communist manifesto, Social Security, police state confiscations, etc.), inalienable right / individual sovereign liberty non-recognition, and ownership of all property (no private perfected allodium) with absolute oversight of producing and distributing goods, inclusive of controlling the economy (corporations as extensions of the state, funny money/debt vs. capital, regulation, etc.), is all done in the name of chaos elimination. Further, the macabre death cults' most self-righteous perform heinous human sacrifice in the name of their gods of pleasure and life style – with at least one rationalization of chaos elimination.


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